Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ako, ako at ako.

Monday, February 20, 2012

ode to the one who inspires

photo taken by glassguy2012

Beneath the starry night my sight laid on you.
Saw your smile stood out from the crowd.
The coruscation of your hazel eyes held my breath.. 
And let me feel the warmth of happiness

Your heart spoke to mine as if they are one...
but i was too coy to respond to its queries. 
All i know is that you blew me away.
Like a wind from heaven you let my heart sway.

I dont know where to start or what to say,
but you always stay in my mind night and day
everytime i see you i feel so happy and gay...
you're like a sunshine ray on the commencement of my day.

I always wanted to ask you out for dinner or dessert...
wishing to let you see the effort that I exert
I dont see you as a one night individual.
I never thought of you as crappy or sensual

The beauty of your individuality, hit me like lightning
If you permit, I would like to know you bit more,
s'il vous plaƮt, take my hand and we will have a stroll
and let you know how someone like you made me awe

(poem written by James Ryann Gorospe)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Clark Escapade (Hot Air Balloon Festival)

My red Chucks @ Clark

Yummy BBQ

This guy is a parking attendant @ Parksons

This tower can be found at Gustav Cafe @ Telebastagan, San Fernandon, Pampanga.