Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life's Formula


One thing I learned today..

That my Math professor didn't teach me..

That Expectation is equal to Frustration

When you thought you've found someone special

When you believe that you've seen the person in your picture..

When you see your world revolve around his..

When you feel your day is complete because of him..

You could be mistaken.

Life full of expectation is life full of frustration.

In this world, we should learn to accept, expect the least.

Love does not expect..

Love is contented..

Love is always satisfied..

Person you meet along your way...

may not be the person you will walk together with..

..and finish the journey of your life..

...your love

....your destiny

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday Night with Blue

Life and Love


I have been chattin all day...Realized that I'm not the only single in this world. lol. There this one guy who sent me a message. He's asking for my advise. I told him to tell me his story.

He just broke up with his partner.. His partner thinks that this guy didn't do his part in saving their relationship..
He's been texting this guy of "bitter" messages. After 40 minutes of listening to his story, this is what I told him.

Life is all about choices.
Either you choose to be happy
or choose to be lonely...
We control our lives, our fate, our destiny.
When someone left you for some reason that you don't understand..
You could either be bitter about it, or think how can you move on.
All things will come but they will also go.
If it's their time to go, then let them...
They only choose to be happy.
So you, as a person, has to decide...
Do you want to be happy?
Or just sit in the corner and whine for the rest of your life.

Happiness is about acceptance and contentment.
If you choose to be happy, 
you have to accept what you might have left behind.. 
Once you have accepted, learn how to be contented.
You can't have everything you wanted.
Look at your heart as half full rather than looking at it as half empty.

 After more than 2 hours of chatting, I finally have made him smile. Mission accomplished

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'd Still Say Yes

I was listening to my ipod when this song caught my attention...
What if someone wants me back?
Is this the same response I will give?

I'd Still Say Yes - Klymaxx

I love you most
When we share a phase
Of special good times together
It seems like our love can't get much better
Coz we were as close as two could be
'knew love could last forever
We're more than just lovers
We're good friends

And even if our love could drift away
I wouldn't even think twice
If I wanted love back again

Because I'd still say yes to you again
My Darlin' for you, I do it all again
Yes, I'd still say yes to you again
Darlin' for you, I do it over and over again

Where does it go
How does it end
True love it seems so easy
'Coz we have no doubts
Where we belong

They say time can heal a broken heart
And true love never ends
So why not start where we begin

Monday, April 5, 2010

self realization

When I was young... 
I always told my self that at the age 30, 
I should be stable... 
But now, 
I'm 29 
and yet I can't still say... 
I finally found what I'm looking for.... 
I prayed to Jesus yesterday.. 
He made me realize... 
That the emptiness I'm feeling inside
is what keeps me closer to him 
and I should be thankful on that. 


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thank you Jesus


Dear Jesus, 

Thank you for the blessings you've given me...

You've made me stronger every time I fall...

 I have not been a good boy.. but I promise I'll change

Teach me how to love like you do..

So I can love unselfishly...