Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One hot afteeeee

after my mini work out...

ang init!

Boracay... such a lonely place

April 20-24, 2011. I went to this ever famous place called Boracay in Aklan for the holy week. My first time fo a lot of things, ride a plane, travel down south, go to Boracay,  1st time to take a long vacation since I started working.

I heard a lot of good things about this place so i got curious. It is true that the sand is nice, crowd is cool, daming sexy, a lot of bars to go to and food to eat. The beach, that's the reason I was there... but i am disappointed. A lot of algae on it. too bad. It is true that the place is nicer if it's not summer time.I hope the government will spend time cleaning the beach because we are paying environmental fee for nothing. Sad. 

On the other hand, i like the fact that there is grotto at the middle of the beach. i was there one night and prayed. It's just one of the priceless experience I had in Boracay. 

Party party, syempre, I won't miss that. We went to Paraw on our 1st night though panay brownout and raining pa. Enjoy naman, mixed crowed, different classes. May class A to C na crowd. Day 2 to 4 we went to EPIC bar in station 2. I like it, more like bars in Manila though alcohol is really high priced. But it's still nice, cuz they're open until the sun goes up.

Friends, I am thankful that they brought me there. Quite an experience. Maybe you are wondering why I said it is such a lonely place... Boracay is a place where lonely people go. You will forget what you left home, work or lovelife. It is where you can meet new people who then can relate to you. 

I wanna go back to Boracay, hopefully, with someone special...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

Been to Boracay last week (holy week) in which i will post some pics later. Below are just a few pix I took today wearing my new sando courtesy by Jae Villasis. Thank you so much.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random thoughts (April 14, 2011)

I am 30, and starting to think what will happen to me when I grow old. I am praying to grow up with someone to share my life with. Until now, I haven't found that person. Or maybe I have but for some reasons, I'm still wearing this "singles badge". I dunno if there's something wrong with me. Oh well, maybe I am not physically attractive but I know deep within, I have this heart that I am willing to give to anyone who deserves. Though this heart have been broken several times, time healed the wounds and picked up the pieces together.

Yesterday I asked myself, "why do people don't take me seriously?". In my mind I answered this question with, maybe you don't let them see that you are worthy. Sighs.... I am jolly and love to joke around. People, most of the time go beyond their boundaries thinking it's ok. My life is an open book, people think they can just look at it, play, and make fun of it. Reality is, I am not as cool as what you can see. I am very sensitive. I get easily offended especially when people say I always fool around. It feels really bad... breaks my heart.

To continue with my journey to life, I will keep waiting. As one of our church pastor said, Love is Patient. And that's what I always keep on my mind. Someday I know, you will come, and by the time that happens, I am ready to start something new again.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2011

nothin to do but camwhore..

It's not easy to fix a broken heart

I was browsing facebook today,

Decided to check your profile...
Excited to see how you look like,
Excited to see what is new,
Then a picture of you really caught my attention,
An album full of memories,
Pictures of you and your someone new...

It really breaks my heart,
I can't deny the fact that I still care and miss you,
You know how much i loved you,
And you threw it all away,

Don't worry I'm ok,
This broken heart will soon be fixed,
I really hope that this time,
Someone will take care,
..really care.

My broken heart needs some fixin.
But it will take time, a lot of time.