Monday, January 10, 2011

Half full or Half Empty?

This is one question that I have been asking my self...
Until now, I can't answer.
Why do i see my self half empty?
Why can't I feel I am half full?
I am searching for contentment, companion, attention...
and looking for affection.
I wish my heart is like a glass of water..
When I see it's half empty, 
I can just refill with water.
But the heart is not a glass..

And just like some other stories that never end,
This question keeps lingering in my ears...

Am I really half full or half empty?


MeekoMeeko said...

geez bro, you're the only one who's capable to answer that question. Actually, you're not alone --- everybody asks that question.

One thing is for sure --- you fill other people's hearts --- adding up to the fullness of their half empty cups. :)

phrench said...