Monday, November 22, 2010

Is that a Christmas Song that I just heard?

Walking in the dark alley...
Quiet place, a lonely place
Cold wind blowing on my cheeks..
As I walk my way home...
As I recall all the good things and bad things that happened...
Suddenly I heard the song..
First Noel...
It reminded me of my childhood days...
Excited to open my gifts..
To hang the socks and wait for Santa to put my presents
I've been nice...
I've been good..
I've been naughty..

I grew old.
Still, I'm alone.

And so I continue walking...
The song keeps lingering in my ears...
I like it...
It makes me warm...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

one hello, question mark and my picture

i remember when i was a child i always dream about a picture of me with a special someone,

someone who holds my hands when i'm lost,
cheer me up when i am down,
fix me when i am broken.

as i grow old, i realized that life is complicated,
there are things that you can't simply get,
make them yours,
keep them,

i met you with just one hello,
you had me with just one sweet smile,
i love you with just one kiss,

i thought the person in the picture that i have been dreaming since i was a kid was you,
but i was wrong,
you left with no valid reason,
kept me hanging by saying nothing,
ignored me and took me for granted,

eventhough it hurts me,
eventhough you left a scar in my heart,
i still care..
until now...

the question is still in my mind,
i hope you really cared when we're together,
those memories,
those happy thoughts,
those laughter,
i held on to them to
help me move on,

and hope that someday,
someone will
complete my picture,

have me with one hello,
but won't leave me
with a question mark...